An Invincible Heart

India, My Daughter
In front of the purple dinosaur
you kiss me, smack on the lips,
then gallop away. Abandoned
to dust bunnies, I follow scattered
crackers, wanting another kiss.
I find you in a place that has
seen cleaner days. We drink tea from
tiny clay cups. Then you find him,
soft fellow with the sea in his eyes.
You drag him with love, by the fin.
Lesley Buxton, 1999

Little Lark

Music should be your escape-   Missy Elliot India and I like to talk about the tattoos we want. I want a black Underwood typewriter. She wants an Arthur Rackham style illustration of a lark with a bandage around its wing. This seems fitting to me. I can’t remember a time when India didn’t sing….